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The selling cycle today do not stop once the sale is made. There is an ongoing conversation between a company and its customers on social media.

Having a WordPress blog is one of the best ways to have fun blogging and also turning your passion into profit by monetizing your blog. With patience, interest, and dedication, you too can earn $2453 monthly through your WordPress blog. While it may be a lot less at the start, you should be able to make that much money within a couple of years. 

The first thing that you need to do is to pick a blog topic that interests you. You may not have authority over it but pick something that you will not get bored with. Also, do not let the initial topic define what you write; you can always experiment with new topics and ideas moving forward. 

You need to buy a domain for your WordPress blog, ensure that you choose competitive domains with the .com extension. Pick a domain name depending on your needs. You can choose it to be all about you or you can create a brand that is entirely different from yourself. Keep the domain name short and easy to type so that it is easier for people to find you. 

The key to generating $2453 in monthly revenue is to start now and gain momentum before anyone else.

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